Sedona Red

4367_71793 I love the new uniforms.  I had a lot of purple in my life at one time.  There was the D-backs, my favorite NBA team the Utah Jazz, my alma mater Weber State University, and even my oldest daughter Alexis loved the purple.  Well Alexis and the Jazz have changed to blue and now the D-backs have changed to Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black.  I can handle Weber State staying purple, and to all the fans that are complaining about the D-backs color change: Are you serious?  We have gone from the worst uniforms in MLB to the best. 

4367_71798 The hardest thing for me is trying to decide which jersey I like the most.  I love the db snake head logo on the sleeve, I love the use of D-backs, and most of all I love the colors.  Colors that I can wear without anyone thinking I have an alternative lifestyle, not that there is anything wrong with that Seinfeld fans.  Hats off to the D-backs front office on job well done.4367_71790


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