Jerry Colangelo and Gonzo

Luis Gonzalez did a lot for the community as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, but despite what some D-backs fans believe that is not reason enough to keep him in Arizona.  I am getting tired of hearing about how bad the Diamondbacks treated Gonzo.  All that they did was over pay him at the tune of  $11 million per year that last three years, which is far more than his production would indicate, and gave him a send off that would make a President jealous.  When Karl Malone left the Utah Jazz after 18 years with the team he did not get such a send off, in fact Malone rented out the Delta Center, bought free hot dogs and drinks for everyone and signed autographs.  In other words he had to throw his own party. 

Gonzo is gone from Arizona because he was unwilling to be a platoon player.  He wants to get 3,000 hits and cement his entry into the Hall-of-fame.  When he is sitting on the bench in the second half of next year with the Dodgers he may like the idea of platooning in Arizona.  Gonzo also has a grudge against Ken Kendrick, Managing General Partner of the D-backs.  The grudge started when Kendrick and others shoved Jerry Colangelo out of the way after Colangelo put the time in dire financial straits.  Gonzo and most D-back players loved Colangelo because he threw so much money at them.  Gonzo got more upset at Kendrick after some comments Kendrick made last year.  Kendrick said that the D-backs got rid of those players that the team believed were steriod users.  He mentioned that there were suspicions out there about Gonzo and steriod use.  If you read into what Kendrick said it means the fact that the D-backs had never rid themselves of Gonzo would mean that they believed he was not on steriods.  Also, Gonzo has said publicly that he favored drug testing because he had suspicions out there about him.  Kendrick never said anything that Gonzo himself hadn’t said.  The press ran with it and Gonzo whined and whined. 

Gonzo would whine some more after being left out of the lineup for one game against a tough left-hander last August.  I feel that cemented his exit because it was obvious he wasn’t going to do well platooning in 2007.  Gonzo in September said that he wanted to play for a National League West team in 2007 so that he could get back at the D-backs.  I don’t think that scares the D-backs too much that Gonzo is in LA.  Gonzo’s buddy Dave Pratt of KMLE radio said they will do a remote from LA on Opening Day.  I have quit listening to Pratt and in stead listen to Tim and Willy in the morning on KNIX who just got done playing in Tucson during the D-backs Fantasy Camp.  I think others will follow.  Pratt’s whining gets old.

As for Colangelo he took a lot of credit for the Dbacks winning the World Series in 2001.  He actually put the team in such bad financial shape that the team was nearly taken over by MLB.  It was also Kendrick and company’s money that was being spent, so he did the right thing by showing Colangelo the door.  Unfortunetly the team has millions of dollars in deferred payments, but we can keep the payroll low due to the great crop of young players that have and will make their way up to the D-backs.  As the young players get their feet wet it should be many years of success for the team.  Success that Gonzo and Colangelo will not be a part of because of their own doing.


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